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Online international competition for young pianists

Join us. Share your passion for music

Applications opening: 1st July 2022
Application deadline: 31th August 2022

Welcome to our website. We hope that the details here will inspire you to enter the 2022 online competition.

A love for music and specifically for the piano has inspired our founder, Dr Sally Wave, to create this international piano competition in Wimbledon.

She says: “I love to organise events and all the love I am giving returns to me as positive energy.

“All of us find that the pandemic is often dragging down our spirits. That’s why after last year’s planned competition could not go ahead, this year it was decided to press on and appear anew as an online event.

“Music is an art that needs to be valued always. As in all the ages back and in times to come, music will lift the heart. Music is teaching us not to dive deep down with depression. Stand by your art whatever happens around you: this should be our slogan in life. Especially in these challenging days, people need to be energised by music.

Why online – because musicians needs to encourage each other not to give up, not to stop playing. We will succeed in going through the darkness if we hold fast to the flame of music like a torch to show us a better way and soothe our hearts with the beauty of sound.”

After co-founding Wimbledon International Piano Competition, Sally has expanded the concept as Lypco, with new formats and categories.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.


Why enter the LYPCO?

A love for music and specifically for the piano has inspired our founder, Dr Sally Wave, who is based in Wimbledon, to create this international piano competition. This year, like many events, the competition will be online. We are offering both younger and more experienced pianists the opportunity to display their talents in front of a global audience, thanks to the medium of technology.


Each participant will receive a certificate.

The judges will award platinum, gold, silver and bronze prizes in each category.

Adjudicators may award additional prizes at their discression.

The platinum winners will be awarded cash prizes as follows:

  • Grade 1– £20
  • Grade 2 – £20
  • Grade 3 – £20
  • Grade 4 – £25
  • Grade 5 – £30
  • Grade 6 – £35
  • Grade 7 – £40
  • Grade 8 – £50
  • Diploma – £70
  • Free Choice aged 8 and under – £20
  • Free Choice aged 9-10 – £25
  • Free Choice aged 11-12 – £30
  • Free Choice aged 13-15 – £40
  • Free Choice aged 16-18 – £50
  • Free Choice aged 19-25 – £150
  • Piano Concerto prize – £100
  • Piano Duet prize – £60
  • Cesar Franck prize – £50


Important dates for entries in 2022
1st July – entries open
31th August – entries close

Competition dates for 2022
Results will be published in the beginning of December


Grades 1 to 8 and Diploma
Free Choice
Piano Concerto
Piano Duets