Competitive Concerto Category – 19 years and under

Candidates are free to choose the FIRST or SECOND AND THIRD MOVEMENTS from any piano concerto, or concert piece for piano and orchestra. If the piece is in one continuous movement, then the whole piece should be performed.

The time limit is 20 minutes and competitors will be stopped if they exceed this.

Participants need to organise their own second pianist to accompany them. It is not possible to perform a concerto movement in the competition without the second piano part. A second piano will be provided for this category.

It is expected that the second piano accompanist will make cuts in the orchestral tuttis.

The competition will provide an official accompanist for those who request it. The charge for this will be £60 for one 45-minute rehearsal and the performance in the competition. Competitors need to indicate on the entry form if they would like to make use of our official accompanist. This additional charge would be payable, along with the entry fee on application.

Playing from memory is encouraged, but not compulsory. Please note that if a competitor plays from memory and does so well, this will be taken into account by the adjudicators.

If not performing from memory, competitors must use an original copy (not photocopy) of the music.

One photocopy of each piece is required for the adjudicators. This will need to be given to the adjudicators at the time of the performance and be destroyed afterwards.

All entries are non-refundable – no queries in this regard will be entertained. Do please ensure that you have checked with your teacher before entering and make sure that the correct class is chosen.


Entry fee for this class: £32.00