Frequently Asked Questions about the recording

Question: Do I need to upload my performance on YouTube? 

Answer: Since 2023 we will be uploading your video for you on the LYPCO YouTube channel. You just need to upload a file during your application.

Question: What needs to be seen?
Answer: Your whole body shall be visible. If possible, place the camera on the right hand side, so that your right hand is closer to the camera.

Question: How to record the pieces – one by one or all together?
Answer: Preferably, you shall make your performance a continuous live one – it is more challenging, but it is worthwhile. You will not be disqualified if you stop the recording in between your pieces, but it will affect your marks. So, try your best to make your recording in one take, and don’t stop the camera between your pieces.

Question: May more than one camera be used?
Answer: No.

Question: Can I move the camera or zoom in and out?
Answer: No, be sure the camera stays stable the whole time.

Question: Can I use some features in my video (like phone filters, artificial frames, etc)?
No, Please don’t use any effects such as changing backgrounds or using filters and don’t change the focus of the camera while performing.

Question: Can my recording exceed the allowed time? 

Answer: No, the given length of the performance shall not be exceeded; it is allowed to have a few seconds before, after and inbetween pieces as long as it doesn’t exceed 60 seconds in total. Otherwise, your video will be disqualified.