Sally Wave
Music Director & Founder

Sally Wave is a London-based recitalist, educator and composer with a growing international presence. She has been performing in Europe and the United States as a solo and chamber musician, and as a concerto soloist in Germany and Bulgaria, and more recently in various online festivals.

Her first CD comprised Chopin waltzes and nocturnes, Scriabin’s 24 preludes and works by Obretenov and Stoyanov.

Her reputation has been further strengthened by performances as a member of the Bourgas Piano Trio and the piano duet Black Sand in London UK and the US.

Sally Wave is the artistic pseudonym of Savelina Kancheva. She graduated from the Specialist Music School in Bourgas, Bulgaria. Later she attended the Prof Pancho Vladigerov Bulgarian National Music Academy in Sofia and the masterclasses of the renowned Prof Rudolf Kehrer for two years at the F Liszt Hochschule für Musik in Weimar, Germany.

She obtained her master’s degree in piano playing from the Bulgarian National Music Academy in 1996 and completed a PhD in Music and Musical Culture in 2008 with a paper entitled Mendelssohn’s Piano Sonatas.

After success as a solo pianist and chamber musician in Sofia and as a piano teacher of students aged 4-19 at the Bulgarian National School of Culture, Sally moved to the UK focusing on solo and chamber performance and taught at the Tchaikovsky Music Academy London and Music school, London UK.

She is a member of Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) and prepares students for music scholarships many of whom have won top prizes at competitions in London and overseas. Sally herself is a sought-after adjudicator.  In the last 12 months, Sally has expanded her portfolio of compositions for solo piano, harp, alto flute, cor anglais, duets for flute & oboe, flute and vibraphone, cello & guitar, viola & cello, violin & piano, cello & piano, trio for harp, flute & violin, woodwind quintets, etc. The scores are available from the

She is now the founder and music director of the London Youth Piano Competition, which is taking registrations for its July 2024 edition. Previously she has co-founded the Wimbledon International Piano Competition.