All entrants will need to agree to the following terms at the time of entry:


  • Performers must use an original copy of the music to perform from. The competition must comply with copyright laws.
  • One photocopy of each piece is required for the adjudicators. This will need to be sent upon application and will be destroyed afterwards.
  • All entries are non-refundable – no questions will be entertained. Do ensure you have checked with your teacher before entering a class.
  • The performance must fit within the time limits (if applicable), or the record won’t be accepted.
  • Consent is given for photographs of participants to be used on our social media sites and Competition promotional materials. If you do not consent, please inform us in advance of the event by email.
  • Playing from memory is completely up to the competitor and is not compulsory. Please note that if the competitor plays from memory and does so well, this will add to the judges scores.
  • It is not possible to perform the same piece in different categories – i.e. you cannot perform the same piece twice.
  • The competitor must perform the submitted piece(s) given on the entry form, otherwise they will not be eligible for a medal and will be considered a non-competitive entry.
  • All graded pieces need to be chosen from a current exam syllabus. Any pieces not from the current syllabus will not be considered in the adjudicator’s decision.
  • Please note that musical repeats are not permitted, unless specifically requested by the exam board in the score.
  • To be eligible for the three main cash prizes, the competitor will need to enter TWO of the four categories in the first rounds.
  • Piano Concerto category – participants need to organise their own second pianist. It is not possible to perform a concerto movement in the competition without the second piano part.


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