Project Description

Shirley Wu

Canadian pianist Shirley Wu has completed her Masters of Science in Performance
Science in 2017 at the Royal College of Music (RCM) in London, UK. In 2014, Shirley
founded Opus One Music organization to promote the social function of chamber
music, she organised many events in Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco, Seattle,
London and collaborated with many musicians and organisations. In 2017, Shirley
attended the autumn musician residency at the Banff Arts Center. In 2019, Shirley
participated in the Budapest Concerto Festival in Hungary.

As a piano performer, Shirley is often invited to organize and perform in various
social and diplomatic occasions. Shirley has also performed publicly in Montreal’s
Pollack Hall, Tanna Schulich, Christ Church Cathedrale’s Oasis Musical music series,
Toronto’s Koerner Concert Hall, Seattle Art Museum, University House
Wallingford, San Francisco Classical Revolution Cafe, and London’s Battersea
Church, St. – James Parish Church, Claremont Project, and St Theresa senior
residence, she is actively engaged to spread arts charity.

Shirley holds a double degree (D.E.C.) in pure science and piano performance from
Vanier College in Montreal, and then studied physiology and piano performance at
McGill University where she graduated in 2013. As an academic researcher, Shirley
conducted research on the levels of awareness of Performance Related
Musculoskeletal Disorders (PRMDs) among students in Canada, and also helped
group and individual musicians for their concerts and exam preparations. Shirley
worked at Clinique de l’Artiste from 2018-2019, where she gave conferences to
l’Orchestre de la Francophonie, the Department of Music of the University of
Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), and the Schulich School of Music, to help musicians
and artists to improve their performance. Her lecture topics include Performance
Assessment and Performance Enhancement. Shirley is a member of Seattle Ladies’
Club and University Club of Montreal. Shirley is a trilingual journalist and reporter
based in Montreal, she writes about culture and art.

Shirley Wu | 吳沁