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Video Recording Guide and Best Practises

Video Requirements for all competitors

Please make every effort to provide a good quality video recording (sound and picture) recorded in one take – i.e. no editing is allowed during the performance. We will be judging the performance quality and not the quality of the piano being played, but the video quality will be paramount in the process.

How to make the video:

There are a few ways – you can record the performance on a mobile phone, iPhone/tablet or on a laptop computer. If you have an external microphone, then using this will certainly improve the sound. Try out each device so that you can choose the one with the best sound.

Do not record too close to the piano. Try out a few passages from different parts of the room to work out where it sounds best. We want to hear what you can do, especially dynamics.

Remember to open the piano, as this will amplify every detail of the sound.

The performer should be captured in the video in full-body including his/her hands, face and feet.

Please record from the keyboard side. Being able to see the hands/keyboard is important. The face also needs to be visible, as we will need to identify each performer. We will also want to see the pedalling, so make sure that the camera angle includes this aspect too.

Make sure that the lighting in the room is good. We want to see clearly.

Consider what you will wear, as this recording may well end up on the competition’s website.

Please do not edit the videos. The performance must be as a ‘live’ performance and taken from only one camera angle from beginning to end.

Please save/name the video with your full name.

How to upload the video:

Please upload your video on YouTube and make sure that it is not listed as Private so we can access it. Then simply put that link in your application form.

Frequently Asked Questions about the recording

Question: What needs to be seen?
Answer: Your whole body shall be visible. If possible, place the camera on the right hand side, so that your right hand is closer to the camera.

Question: How to record the pieces – one by one or all together?
Answer: Preferably, you shall make your performance a continuous live one – it is more challenging, but it is worthwhile. You will not be disqualified if you stop the recording in between your pieces, but it will affect your marks. So, try your best to make your recording in one take, and don’t stop the camera between your pieces.

Question: May more than one camera be used?
Answer: No.

Question: Can I move the camera or zoom in and out?
Answer: No, be sure the camera stays stable the whole time.

Question: Can I use some features in my video (like phone filters, artificial frames, etc)?
 No, Please don’t use any effects such as changing backgrounds or using filters and don’t change the focus of the camera while performing.

Question: Can my recording exceed the allowed time? 

Answer: No, the given length shall not be exceeded; otherwise, your video will be disqualified.